• Professional Instruction and Training
  • Hands-On Learning at one of our 4 Bar Stations
  • Small class sizes (Max 8 students)
  • A Relaxed, Fun environment
  • Live Role-Playing
  • Lifetime student membership including library and lab access
  • Lifetime Job Placement assistance/on The Job Training
  • An official S.C.B.S. framed Bartenders Certificate (aka “Bartenders License”)

Here at the Southern California Bartending School classes are broken up into lectures, practicing behind the bar and role-playing as a live bartender. Lecture topics include: The current popular drink recipes, measurements & free pouring, bar equipment, bar etiquette, customer service, bar set up and breakdown, proper technique for opening wine and tapping beer kegs, liquor laws, resume building and interview techniques.

Our instructors also incorporate team workshops, which involves working with other students on speed and accuracy drills. Upon completion of the exam you will receive lifetime job placement assistance and be able to login to our online job placement site for current job opportunities in Southern California.




* Bartending tools such as shakers, bottle openers, wine keys, etc. are available for purchase as well as full bar kits.